hau5trap 0001: Tommy Trash – ‘hiiigh’ ft. Daisy Guttridge

Following on the heels of the announcement of deadmau5‘s brand new label hau5trap, the prolific masked electronic pioneer inaugurates the house-driven label celebration with hau5trap 0001. Out now via the brand new tastemaker, dance music luminary Tommy Trash teams up with singer/songwriter Daisy Guttridge for the sweeping house anthem “Hiiigh.”

A frequent mau5trap collaborator and all-around dance music phenomenon, Tommy Trash powerfully sets the tone for what is yet to come from hau5trap. The label's debut single “Hiiigh” sees the long-awaited reunion of Tommy Trash and Daisy Guttridge after their hit 2019 collaboration “Let Me Go” with mau5trap mainstay i_o, and 2017 collaboration “Oxygen.” Tommy Trash and deadmau5 go hand in hand: Tommy's remix of “The Veldt” was nominated for Best Remix at the 55th Grammy Awards (2012), and is still played in deadmau5 sets to this day. The pair recently reunited yet again for Tommy's remix of deadmau5 and Kiesza's “Bridged By A Lightwave,” which received high praise from electronic tastemakers including DJ Times and The EDM Network. His newest endeavor, “Hiiigh,” features a bustling amalgamation of sonic synths and classic four-on-the-floor basslines, as Daisy Guttridge's spellbinding vocals lead the charge. Fitting in seamlessly with hau5trap's mission of pushing groove driven, melody driven house music to the forefront, “Hiiigh” pristinely marks the beginning of a new age. Brimming with nuanced house flair, Tommy Trash and Daisy Guttridge create a sultry symphony, perfectly kicking off all things hau5trap.

“Two years ago I took some time out to recharge and refocus my life. I had been through some crazy times, and was dealing with some stuff that had really screwed with my mojo. I ended up heading to South America to do some Ayahuasca ceremonies. Life changing would be an understatement, to say the least. Aya really opened up my perception to a wider state of being and helped me refocus my life. ‘Hiiigh' is a reflection of that moment in time – an ode to the process of rediscovery.” – Tommy Trash