HAY! & Pyro Debut Experimental Bass Boosted ‘Push’

Teaming up once again for a bass boosted heater is HAY! and Pyro with their newest single, “Push.” “Push” adds a smash of modern edginess to what these seasoned producers have plenty of experience doing.  Both HAY! & Pyro have spent years releasing an array of sounds crisscrossing a rich spectrum of bass culture and the dance scene. A trap-leaning percussion carries brain-melting wubs and synth-grit – “Push” holds the beat while slurring bass slides around with a vulnerable vengeance. Weaving together the best of both artists, “Push,” nets a familiar theme inspired from experimental bass with a buttery-smooth beat right where it needs to be. HAY! & Pyro bring forth a dark edginess that energizes a spirited, memorable journey in this collaborative release.