Heat Ledger Enchants Listeners On Latest EP ‘Wanna See A Trick?’

Have a listen to a powerhouse of an EP we recently came across.

Among the tastiest genres out there, a strong contender for the winner of the category is House. House in all of its forms, Deep House, Tech House… the list goes on. House has evolved over decades to present an uncountable number of genres and styles. And there, in between names, is Heat Ledger‘s EP, Wanna See A Trick?.

Heat Ledger

Based in Vancouver, Heat Ledger is quite the artist. The multiple-time Beatport chart-topper has amassed a fanbase of its own, given his innovative approach to bass-driven House music. A couple of milestones of Mr Ledger include a combined Spotify play count of over 500,000 across his releases, and becoming both Head of Artist Relations and having the final say when it comes to the artworks at Sheppard Records.

A genre bender, Ledger often just labels his tunes under the broad House umbrella. This, because the amount of elements and energies he borrows from brother elements to Bass House and Tech House grants his tracks a more misty-like definition.

“I just create what I feel at that moment, and hopefully what I create will add to your life’s soundtrack.”

-Heat Ledger

Wanna See A Trick?

Ledger’s latest piece of music is called the Wanna See A Trick? EP. The release contains two boundary-defying tunes, the title track, and a B-side, ‘Not Available‘.

‘Wanna See A Trick?’

Packed with groove, machine-engineered hats, and textures, ‘Wanna See A Trick?‘ combines infectious basslines and melodies that come together for a catchy piece. A narrated vocal track drives the song forward, having a very interesting call-and-response mechanic with more elements throughout the track.

‘Not Available’

A slippy warm bassline works as a conveyor belt for the whole track. With the use of less aggressive hats in comparison to the A-side of this EP, ‘Not Available‘ is the perfect Yang to ‘Wanna See A Trick?”s Ying, feeling much more fluid-like, in the sense that the elements used express a longer tail.

Heat Ledger.

Listen to Heat Ledger‘s EP Wanna See A Trick? down below by hitting the ‘Play’ button on the Spotify block we’ve attached. Also, be sure to follow Ledger on social media. And keep reading EDMTunes for the latest from our beloved EDM industry!