Heathenz & Nomar – One More Day

Heathenz & Nomar - One More Day

85%Overall Score

• Uncommon resemblance with Imagine Dragons
• Brutal, dynamic Hardstyle drops
• Bold innovations with unique schematics

Intermixing far-end genres like rock and hardstlye has become a familiar ritual in the harder dance music realms (such as the latest Sefa release, a Frenchcore rework of “The Unforgiven” by Metallica), yet “One More Day” impressed me to the extent that I leaped to my keyboard and wrote a new, long-awaited hardstyle review.

This creation, published via Uprising Records, comes from two relatively fresh names, Heathenz and Nomar. The first is a hardstyle duo having already supported on Dirty Workz (“Not Fooling Me“), while Nomar is responsible for the sumptuous vocals on “One More Day”.

Not that the basis of the track here should be sidelined, oh absolutely not. The initial part reminded me of a more aggressive Imagine Dragon record (also because of Nomar’s similar voice), gradually accelerating with a short pre-drop and a brutal Hardstyle explosion thereafter. The lead is hypnotic, and the hard-hitting kicks were brutal compared to the prior section, thrumming with a joyful hostility. An excellent way to start a tune, especially since my attention was wandering beforehand (it was late at night while listening, and this woke me up with a jump!).

The following chorus presents an even more robust array of guitars, and NOMAR comes back up with his appealing (yet darker) voice, and an anti-climax drop alternating between a simple and melodic pattern. This dualism is an amazing touch that I noticed, turning the finale into a remarkably engaging show.

Heathenz and NOMAR are an excellent team for the Hardstyle genre, where up-and-coming aliases are more than capable of turning heads with their unconventional ideas, sincerely deserving the spotlight. “One More Day” is a thrilling ride!

You can listen to “One More Day” here:

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