Here Are The Most Impressive Structures From Burning Man 2018 [PICTURES]

Burning Man 2018 has ficially wrapped up. While many will stay on the Playa for the month September as they come back to Earth after a week-long celebration love, art, and music, most the attendees have started their journey home.

Burning Man is not an easy event for everyday individuals to attend. It requires a ton planning, money, and experience to make happen. For that reason, your average raver might have a touch FOMO when it comes to Burning Man. Tickets sell out in an instant and the resale prices are astronomical. Do not worry if you could not make it to Burning Man this year.

Below you can find some the most impressive structures and art displays built at Burning Man 2018. Some these will boggle your mind as you try to wrap your head around how it was even possible to make something so impressive. Needless to say, most these art displays have gone up in flames now the event is over.

Burning Man 2018 Art Installations