HOLOW & Max Green – “Chemicals”

French producer & L.A. singer team up on new dance number

HOLOW is a rising French producer who crafts shimmering EDM tunes, and Max Green is a shapeshifting indie singer-songwriter from Los Angeles (and one-half of duo Inspired and the Sleep). The two recently linked up to collaborate on a new track called “Chemicals,” and the result is a groovy dance number that’s sure to wring out the cold and warm up the incoming spring season.

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Built around a funky guitar riff, the track’s beat swells and pulsates as synths bend and contort in all sorts of nifty shapes, sure to entice listeners to hit the dance floor. Green’s crisp vocals float over the entire sonic tapestry, hitting playful falsetto notes that’ll beckon you to sing along. “Chemicals” is a forward-thinking slice of electronic dance-pop with a nice cerebral kick to it.

“Working with HOLOW has been nothing but a fun and natural process, and ‘Chemicals’ was one of those songs that practically wrote itself,” Green shared. “For me, the song depicts a time in my life where I was looking for meaning through a string of meaningless interactions. Topics of self-awareness come into play with the irony of the human condition under the influence. All whilst dancing of course.”

Give it a whirl below.