Hotel Garuda hybridizes indie and electronic on ‘Mutual’

With his ear for fresh sound constructions ever acute, Hotel Garuda puts forth his first original production of 2020, a warm indie-electronic crossover by the name of “Mutual.” Guitar riffs provide a balmy introduction to the cut, which integrates classic indie rock chords with a twitching beat structure.

Clean, controlled percussion intermingles with the metallic character of the guitar, translating to textured multi-instrumentalism that lends a dynamism to the feel-good offering. “Mutual” is an even keeled exemplification of Hotel Garuda’s ability to seamlessly balance distinguishing stylistics of the indie and electronic genres. It’s yet another fruitful foray for Hotel Garuda, who, before dabbling in hybridization on “Mutual,” embraced experimentalism by using his own vocals for the very first time on “Mutual” predecessor, “Head In The Trees.”

Photo credit: Hotel Garuda/Facebook