Hotel Garuda's hit single 'Blurry Eyes' gets a remix EP – Dancing Astronaut

Following the announcement of their break-up, Aseem Mangaoka has taken the reigns of the former Hotel Garuda duo, while Manila Killa focuses on his solo project. However, “Blurry Eyes” (their final release for the time being), has been gaining a lot of positive traction since its June 2018 release. To complement its success, the track now has its very own remix EP, which features fellow members of the 2+2 artist management crew including Pusher, Golf Clap, and Holly. Fans are also gifted with a remix from LA-based Tim Gunter.

Multi-talented Toronto DJ Pusher kicks off the EP with a some hard, yet subtle synths on his drop, maintaining the grooviness of the original.

Detroit-based duo Golf Clap is up next, picking up the tempo a bit and adding in house vibes, putting some flare on the club-geared track.

Third, Tenampa Recordings’ Holly loops Runn‘s vocals with some added echoes, leading perfectly into a drop that can only be described as bass-infused dub. It’s one of the darker remixes on the EP that listeners can still get down to.

Lastly, Mr. Gunter hops on to close it out, reducing the original’s speed and doing what he does best: amplified percussion under some future bass flow on the drop. It’s the perfect finale to a diverse range of sounds and sub-genres.

Check out the original track here and catch Hotel Garuda at Carson Creek Ranch in Austin, Texas on Sept. 21.