How To Attract More Followers To Your Electronic Dance Music Blog

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One of the greatest things about DJing is the ability to convey a message to a large number of people in a short period of time, usually via the Internet. While the ability to talk to thousands of people via email, text, instant messengers and the like is great for building relationships, it can also be used to promote a DJ and his/her upcoming events. If you run a popular electronic dance music blog that regularly covers news and featured artists, promotional merchandising, upcoming shows and other happenings from your community or region, why not add the ability to send out email or text alerts to your Facebook, Twitter followers and Instagram followers? By doing so you not only get the chance to spread the word but also get the chance to interact with your audience and build strong professional relationships.

With social engagement becoming a serious key to success in today’s social media landscape, having an email newsletter sent directly to your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram followers is a great way to build strong relationships with those people that matter most in your life. The great thing about using social engagement as a marketing tool is that there are no limits. You can send out email newsletters to your family and friends, send out a post on Instagram with a link to your FB page and post on your Facebook fan page. What sets this service apart is the ability to track the activity that you are engaging in with each post, and in turn it helps you see where your audience or readers are coming from.

The first activity that you can track is the number of views that your posts receive. To do this simply login to your page, go to ‘posts’ and then click the button marked “View latest posts.” Here you will see a list of all of your posts from all social engagement and marketing venues that you have used. This information is important as it provides you with insight into the activity that is generating interest in your page. In order to increase the amount of interaction with your page, you will want to regularly update your content.

Another useful function that you will want to use is the notification function. This button allows you to let your followers or Facebook fans know of new posts by providing a notification. For instance, if you are using Twitter, you can select the option to notify your Facebook fans. Similarly, if you have an Instgram account, you can notify your Twitter followers or your Facebook fans. By doing this you are providing real time updates, which ensures that your audience is always up to date with what you are posting.

The final aspect that should be covered is the ability to track your analytics. If you have an Instagram account you can access your analytics through the photo app. On the right hand side, click on the section named “Your Account Overview” and then click “ggerp.” Here you will find links to your pages, posts and other social engagement. Every time you make a post, it will be recorded. If you are only active on Twitter, you can easily see how many people saw your tweets, how many people followed you on the social network and how many people shared your page.

The last aspect that we are going to cover is the ability to send out mass email messages to your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram followers. When you set up your account, you will have the option to sign-up to receive mass email messages. In order to do this, you will need to create an email address and fill in your first name, your email address and your primary social networks. You can change these details at any time, so you can customize the email address to include or exclude particular groups.

Once you have set up your blog, you will be able to use the applications to make it as interactive and fun as possible. By adding photos to your instgram page or your twitter feed, you are encouraging more people to read and comment on your content. By sharing images from your photo album or your instgram feed, you are encouraging people to share the images with their social networks. A blog is only useful if people regularly visit it. The more interaction you have with your users, the more chance of them spreading the word about your blog and getting you more gigs and featuring on your electronic dance music radio show. Make sure you include this in your overall strategy to attract more followers.