How To Rave Post-COVID-19

Someday, COVID-19 will slow down and the world will speed back up. The bars will reopen, clubs will book DJs, and artists will go back on tour. Ravers will again rave and the music industry will come back to life. However, when the time comes, it will be extremely important to rave safely post-COVID-19. One way to do that is to keep wearing a mask. Plan out the night and avoid crowded places. Try to social distance and stay home if you’re not feeling well.

Raving After the Pandemic

The post-COVID-19 era will bring in new forms of socialization and preparation for being around a lot of people. One way a raver can prepare for this new nightlife is by downloading an app called Discotech. Founded in 2013, the free mobile app and website help users track down events and artists. Users can reserve VIP tables, purchase tickets, and get free guestlist access to venues. There is a filter on music genre, neighborhood, and even venue type. See what DJs are playing near you while planning your weekend out. They are partnered with over 1,400 venues in over 60 cities internationally. Now, the creators of Discotech have COVID-19 in mind and are adapting to the new nightlife industry.

Photo: Discotech app

The app will help users find what clubs, lounges, etc. are open near them and which ones are still closed. Users will also be able to filter out which venues are outdoor or feature patios if they are not ready to be in a closed space. Furthermore, the app will now have an optional contact tracing feature. This means that users will be alerted if they were exposed to the virus at one of the venues they have been to. They will be encouraged to get tested. This way, users can go back to the party life, but still, stay responsible after the pandemic.

Post-COVID-19 life will be much different than ravers are used to. However, there will be resources to return safely.