ICYMI: Tkay Maidza dropped a huge EP that you need to get around

Tkay Maidza is one of those acts that is more than just on her way, she’s well and truly there. After her latest single Flexin’ we’ve been eagerly awaiting the EP we were promised and let me tell you, it’s a goodun.

The EP Last Year Was Weird (Vol 1) is an 8 track epic that shows a diversity we haven’t seen from Tkay just yet, mixing up her vocal styles in more ways than ever before. Finding the perfect mix between rap vocals and harmonic singing, on tracks like Lullabies and White Rose we get an idea of her ability to pull it back, and take a more chilled out approach to her music.

Then of course there was the lead single Flexin’ that did just that, flexed on you with her flowy prowess, and was super in your face with an attitude that refused to back down.

Whichever song you go to, there’s no doubt that this is Tkay’s best work to date. Check it out below and tell us how it makes you feel!