if found – Dead of Night

• Loads of surprises packed together!
• Melodic atmosphere with sudden twists
• Memorable vocal presence

It is a rarity that I find a specific Melodic Dubstep production capable to ignite the desire to write about it, but “Dead of Night” achieved this effortlessly. The song has my drawn my admiration now and then for its ability of delivering a magical atmosphere, with its balance of sweetness and grit. Usually legendary names such as Seven Lions and Illenium are first to come when talking about this specific style, since “standard” releases are getting predictable and hence mentioning them is not worth the while.

if found, however, has some peculiar ideas on the display need describing. His creation, released via the esteemed NCS, plays around with dynamism of a classic Dubstep low-end, a passionate feminine vocal a sudden switching to a darker, glitched stabs. This is the detail that hit me, a surprising attack: for the entire duration I didn’t have any preparedness for what came next, and the sound-shifts made sure to catch me off-guard. And, you know, I love that!

The ending, more climactic drop is melodic and hence a bonus, because I was actually rather anticipating a brutal twist considering the aggressiveness presented in the build-up. My only doubt remains of the singer’s identity: considering the important role it offers throughout the composition. Apart from this detail, I can’t really complain or nitpick: “Dead of Night” solidly entertains for as long it performs, with meticulous details sprinkled nicely.

Overall, if found has intriguing ideas, and I have started to dig other releases from his short discography. From them, I can further recommend listening to “For You”, which features a similar and passionate setting. There is more room for expansions in this particular structure, which if adeptly weaved together could morph into something really unique and memorable for the audience!

You can listen to “Dead of Night” here:

NCS · if found – Dead of Night [NCS Release]