Iglooghost – “Sylph Fossil”

English producer announces new LP, shares glitchy, contorted track

English IDM producer Iglooghost is one of the most exciting and progressive rising acts in electronic music. His 2017 LP Neō Wax Bloom was an enthralling, forward-thinking debut album, and he’s since dropped a pair of excellent EPs and the collab album XYZ (along with Kai Whiston and BABii). Today he’s announced the forthcoming release of his sophomore LP Lei Line Eon, and shared the clanging and squiggly new single “Sylph Fossil.”

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The track features an arsenal of glitchy, puncturing trap beats, ominous vocal samples, and synths that bend and contort into colorful, unrecognizable shapes. It’s a warped and angular slice of experimental IDM, a slightly more meditative and minimalistic detour from the breakneck speeds and explosive bass of his earlier work. Nonetheless, Iglooghost remains as fresh and invigorating as ever, channeling his trademark world-building and sensory detail into each melody and beat. “Sylph Fossil” teleports you to a different universe and state of mind.

Lei Line Eon arrives on April 2. You can pre-order it HERE and get lost in “Sylph Fossil” below.