IKEA and Sonos unveil smart speaker prototype

An IKEA and Sonos partnership sounds good—literally.

IKEA and Sonos’ joint work on a smart speaker is hardly a secret–both companies announced their intent to work together on a series of home listening products in December 2017. Now, collaboration between the two brands results in the SYMFONISK prototype, or in other words, a first glimpse of just what an IKEA/Sonos alliance will look like when it comes to smart speaker innovation.

SYMFONISK’s will synchronize with Sonos’ existing line of wireless speakers, and will also be compatible with IKEA’s Home Smart collection of lights and switches. Neither IKEA nor Sonos have commented on the expected price of SYMFONISK sound.

It’s important to note that the SYMFONISK prototype reportedly surfaces as a non-functional prototype, meaning that the visual design of the forthcoming smart speaker could change in the time leading up the product’s market debut.

Given the length of time that IKEA and Sonos have worked towards the release of SYMFONISK, the remaining specifics surrounding the features and functions of the speaker will presumably be disclosed in the near future.

Photo Credit: engadget

H/T: engadget