Illegal rave on English mushroom farm allowed to go until 7 a.m. – Dancing Astronaut

Just outside the town of Market Harborough, England lies an abandoned mushroom farm that has, as of late, become a hotspot for illegal raves. The site hosted over 2,000 people at an unlicensed event in 2016. Back again nearly two years later, British partygoers stayed through the night at another rave, against the wishes of the local police.

Though the authorities were tipped off about this party and hoped to shut it down before it started, approximately 500 ravers were already at the location when they arrived. With such a large crowd in a small town, the police were forced to allow the party to continue, though refusing to let any newcomers in while overseeing the event.

The party lasted until seven in the morning, with music playing at full volume through the night. While some may consider this a small victory for ravers, it is part of a larger battle between local authorities and unlicensed events around England and a wider discussion about the ethics of music regulation, especially in the context of drugs and electronic music.

H/T: Mixmag