Illenium shares second episode of 'Ignite' series

At the beginning of August, Illenium shared the first installment in a new video series he called “Ignite.” The artist told fans that the “featured¬†videos will showcase the beliefs, work ethic, and story that brings depth to the team behind the music.”

In seeking to acknowledge and help fans understand everything that goes into his life as a globe-trotting producer, he first took them to Shanghai. The three-minute video featured show footage, along with what goes on before and after shows.

The next installment, which highlights Tokyo and Europe, shows Illenium traveling from “London, to Bilbao, to Germany, back to Barcelona, and ending in Tokyo” over the course of its four minutes. Formatted much like the first video, this latest one shows Illenium on the road, along with footage of the shows overseas.

“You go to foreign countries where they don’t speak your language, but they’re speaking the lyrics to you, and it’s like, how does this connection even happen?”