ILLENIUM – Shivering (feat. Spiritbox)

• Intriguing synergy with the Heavy Metal band Spiritbox
• Explosive switches between drops, impressive vocal compartment
• Amalgamates Dubstep and Metal elements

While my interest doesn’t particularly align with the Metal music scene that often, but when it does collide with the unique spectrum of EDM, the results are often… let’s say, unpredictable. In recent times, several rock bands have made pacts with esteemed DJs, from the famous Korn x Skrillex “Get Up” in 2011 to the recent team-up struck between Hollywood Undead and Blasterjaxx. Since both genres share a similar dynamism and rebelliousness, synergies can result in fabulous outcomes.

ILLENIUM, teaming up with the Canadian band Spiritbox, crafted another stunning work. I was fondly missing the good old aggressive ILLENIUM (his most recent album being too chill for my tastes), thus I was caught completely unaware by “Shivering”, his newest release. I also recommend ILLENIUM’s twist on “Something In The Way” by Nirvana released back in April, showing that the American creator is definitely into these vibes recently.

Welcomed by an ardent solo vocal delivery that immediately gave me goosebumps, perfectly assisted by a delicate melodic Dubstep bassline at first. Then, a monumental ILLENIUM drop confirms that he’s one of (if not THE ONE) the bests in the Dubstep arena. An emotional melodic hook, plus a Future Bass lead mixed with a guitar renders the first segment fantastic.

Then, well there’s the anti-climax drop! Wasn’t really expecting it at all: “Shivering” immediately contorts to a darker tonality, with a growl and a sort of Electro/Glitching exploding that only lasts about twenty seconds, returning to a normal phase with the breakdown. It was like a twister: came, destroyed everything on its path, and then the total calm. Well, until the final drop.

Summing it all, there are top-notch vocals, sudden metal twists that don’t fail to surprise, an impressive melodic layout, and a perfect alliance between Metal and Dubstep. “Shivering” is my favorite ILLENIUM release in years, and this more than deserves a 90 for the effort in creating something so difficult and intricate, yet nothing less than legendary material!

You can listen to “Shivering” here:

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