Illicit Brooklyn Rave at Prospect Park Attracts Thousands

Within the past few weeks, New York has tried to put a stop to large gatherings and illegal raves that are happening during the pandemic. On August 9, 2020, a large event took place at Prospect Park in Brooklyn, New York. Unfortunately, the majority of those in attendance did not adhere to social distancing safety protocols.

Multiple events have been occurring throughout the past two months in NYC. A few weeks ago, police seized a boat that was operating as a floating nightclub. Earlier this month, another illegal rave took place under Brookyln’s Kosciuszko Bridge. The video showed that the COVID safety protocol was once again ignored.

Rave at Prospect Park

The New York Post reported that over 1,500 people attended the event called “Litnic 20.” According to the New York Post, “Party organizer Kyle Rhodes told The Post that the event was planned “to give back to the people and provide a safe place for young adults to gather and socialize.” Free food was offered, and guests bought their own liquor.”

Videos of the event have circulated across the various social media channels showing people without masks, ignoring social distancing, and leaving an excessive amount of trash behind. People left liquor bottles, food, and plastic cups on the ground. A spokesperson for the Parks Department told The Post, “Illegal gatherings like the one held last night in Prospect Park present significant challenges for safety and undercut our maintenance efforts — the condition of the Nethermead is totally unacceptable.”


Coronavirus is here to stay for good if these illegal raves and events keep occurring. We all miss live music and events, but we need to take the safety protocols seriously if we ever want to get back to normal. Above all, social distance, wear your mask, and try to not gather in large crowds. Do this and our raves return. Ignore it, and the hopes of getting back to a normal life linger on. It’s up to you which way this goes.