Injecting Fresh Energy into Progressive House – “Eye Of The Storm” by LinX and Jawny Sparklez

Injecting Fresh Energy into Progressive House - "Eye Of The Storm" by LinX and Jawny Sparklez

88%Overall Score

• Rockish vibes in the breakdown
• A dynamic and explosive drop
• Easy to handle, but carefully crafted pattern around the vocal

I’ve voiced my concerns about the predictable nature of Progressive House releases lately. While I do appreciate the genre’s classic formula, a breath of fresh air is long overdue. “Eye Of The Storm” is one of those rare gems that come around, reigniting my passion for the genre. It’s a pleasure to review this track and share my excitement!

This release is a collaboration between two of my favorite underground labels, Intensity and Glow, and it pairs LinX on the instrumental side with the remarkable vocals of Jawny Sparklez. I previously discussed the hit “Wellerman” that dropped two years ago, and Jawny’s voice possesses a remarkable epic quality that infuses every track with a magical allure.

Crafting the perfect backdrop for such a dynamic voice is a challenge that, when met, can elevate a song from good to exceptional. LinX accomplishes this feat expertly, setting the stage with a rock-inspired breakdown that crescendos into an explosive Progressive drop.

Even without the captivating vocals, “Eye Of The Storm” would still deserve praise for its sheer energy. The bassline drives the momentum, steering the track towards the territory of Melodic Big Room, with shades of Blasterjaxx’s influence. The melodies are catchy, though not profoundly memorable, yet the overall atmosphere elevates the entire experience. It’s a club anthem with an infectious vocal hook and a dynamic drop, serving as a testament to producers that the genre is thriving with fresh, innovative ideas. I’ve always had high expectations for collaborative releases, and “Eye Of The Storm” is yet another gem that meets them with aplomb.

You can listen to “Eye Of The Storm” here: