Instagram Beats TikTok as Most Downloaded App Worldwide

Instagram has overtaken TikTok as the most downloaded app in the world. According to recent data from Sensor Tower, Instagram was downloaded 767 million times worldwide in 2023, representing a 20% increase from 2022. Meanwhile, TikTok received 733 million downloads in 2023, only a 4% increase from the previous year.

Despite the rise of TikTok in recent years, Instagram has maintained its position as a leading social media platform. One of the critical factors that has contributed recently is TikTok receiving firm pressure from the US Congress.

Even though TikTok does have value, many in the US do not trust it because ByteDance owns them. They’re known to collaborate with the Chinese Communist Party, and the affiliation may lose them access to American users.

“This is my message to TikTok—break up with the Chinese Communist Party or lose access to your American users,” claims Rep. Mike Gallager (R-WI).

“So long as [TikTok] is owned by ByteDance and thus required to collaborate with the CCP, TikTok poses critical threats to our national security,” Rep. Raja Krishnamoorthi (D-IL) added.

Ultimately, while TikTok struggles, Instagram is booming and continuing to hold its ground as one of the most trusted and viable social platforms. Keep your eyes peeled to see where things go from here.

Photo via Facebook: Instagram