Introducing ‘High As F*ck’: the Powerful Te….

Cody Chase is here with his next hard-hitting production, ‘High As F*ck’: a powerful new Tech House single set for release via Blanco y Negro. Presenting a track driving in energy and hypnotic in sound, this new release from the talented Producer and DJ appears to perfectly epitomise his impressive signature style that continues to gain him widespread attention from genre fans around the globe; with such a striking sound and an ever-growing reputation, it seems only a matter of time before Cody Chase becomes one of the top noteworthy talents within Electronic Music today. 

As he continues to be motivated by both a powerful determination and an unwavering passion for Electronic Music, Cody Chase is no doubt fast becoming one of the most impactful additions on the scene: releasing mighty-sounding music, delivering unforgettable live shows, bringing electrifying episodes of his weekly radio show ‘The Chase’, and dropping works from numerous up-and-coming talents via his label, Chasin Records, there seems to be no stopping him. Known for his blend of Techno and House, Cody Chase appears with an innate ability to craft intricate and unique soundscapes, captivating listeners with his raw and immersive energy. Now, as he delivers yet another must-listen production, Cody Chase once again reminds fans of his unmatched talents when it comes to creating original sonic experiences, presenting a listening journey unlike any other.  

‘High As F*ck’ is detailed with pounding beats, glowing synths, and shuffled rhythmic elements; as the spoken vocal sample enters, the bold bassline and catchy melodic lead invigorate the mix with an infectious energy, intense in vibe and gritty in sonic character. With the soundscape building, electrifying details layer into the mix, elevating the hypnotic sound of ‘High As F*ck’, ensuring that listeners are left energised and enthralled. A track groovy in character and dynamic in sound, this new release from Cody Chase is sure to be placed high on the list of fan favourites, becoming a staple in the playlists of Techno lovers around the globe.  

As Cody Chase keeps raising his own bar, taking his creativity to new realms of sonic excitement with each new release, there is no doubt that this talented Producer and DJ should be a name on the radar of all genre enthusiasts. So, one not to be missed, make sure to follow Cody Chase across social media to stay up-to-date on his next releases, projects, and live shows. ‘High As F*ck’ is out now via Blanco y Negro and is available to stream and download across platforms.  


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