Introducing the “Best Of Me” CamelPhat Remix

The Grammy-nominated British duo CamelPhat takes on Sailor & I and ARTBAT’s track “Best Of Me” for an undulating remix.

Right off the bat, CamelPhat switches out the gentle percussive introduction for heavier beats alongside a moody drift of synths stirring beneath the pulses. While the original “Best Of Me” by Sailor & I and ARTBAT parades an uplifting tone, tugging hearts with its soothing piano chords, CamelPhat gears up for a darker atmosphere hazing over the sound. The duo deeply taps into progressive sensibilities, perfectly binding the ethereal vocals to an elevating production. The artists perfectly call back to Sailor & I and ARTBAT’s usage of the piano, offering a brief interlude of the soft piano melody before swinging hard back into the unrelenting beats.

CamelPhat certainly offers a spine-chilling movement with “Best Of Me,” taking the song along for a spin with emphatic use of synths and percussions. The duo pays homage to the Sailor & I and ARTBAT single, retaining the elements of the original while also giving it a pure sonic makeover classic to the CamelPhat brand.

Check out CamelPhat’s remix of “Best Of Me” by ARTBAT and Sailor & I below, or listen to the song via your favorite streaming platform.