INUDE – “Noisy Floor, Silent Room”

Italian indie-psych trio delivers soothing new single ahead of forthcoming short film

INUDE, the artistic endeavor of friends and musicians Giacomo, Flavio and Francesco, was first brought to life with their 2016 debut EP Love Is in the Eyes of the Animals before rewarding their fans with their 2019 debut album Clara Tesla – a collection of soothing downtempo electronic-leaning tracks.

Fast-forward to 2021, and INUDE returns with “Noisy Floor, Silent Room,” a melancholic alt-pop track that centralizes Flavio’s calming tender voice. Giacomo and Francesco’s warm reverb-laced guitars and synth tones accompany a shuffling textured drum rhythm, creating a calming wall of sound. The grand entrance of Giacomo’s emotional, distorted guitar solo perfectly serves the song whilst capturing its own spotlight before dying out and fading with the rest of the instrumentation. The magic of Inude is that with every listen, you can discover a new sound, melody or instrument.

When asked about the single, the band shared: “The song tells a story of betrayal that took place at the end of a relationship. The breaking of trust, helped put an end to the relationship which had been dragging on for too long. Sometimes you need to get lost, to be able to find something new.”

The official music video for “Noisy Floor, Silent Room” will be part of a wider project: the Photogram Of Me short film, which will only be available to watch for five days starting Nov 9th. Click here to watch the short film and listen to “Noisy Floor, Silent Room” below.