Is this E(D)Minem? The sweet rap hit is reworked but this notable quartet

• Of course, a rework. And a follow-up of “Thank You”
• Eminem’s hit transformed into a Festival mix
Gabry Ponte added a spark of vitality to the drop

Here we go again: the trademark DV&LM mega collab, often accompanied by super famous names and perceived as lacking substance… Except, this time, it’s different.

Initially, I approached it with some hesitation, given Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike‘s tendency to lean heavily on high-profile collaborations for attention. However, “Mockingbird” defies expectations and offers something genuinely intriguing.

At first glance, the idea of remixing Eminem’s 2005 hit may seem odd. After all, the original track has a distinctly different vibe from the typical Big Room/Trance sound associated with these artists. However, upon learning that their previous remix of Dido’s “Thank You” (also sampled by Eminem in “Stan“) garnered a staggering 130 million streams, it becomes clear why they chose to tackle “Mockingbird.”

While the formula of adding a Trance bassline to pop songs may seem like a nostalgic throwback, the results speak for themselves. “Mockingbird” follows a similar blueprint, with a focus on the main pad and Eminem’s vocals, albeit with some necessary vocal distortions to fit the track’s higher BPM.

However, where “Mockingbird” truly shines is in its drop. Gabry Ponte’s influence is palpable, particularly in the final section, where heavy, hard-hitting basslines add a new level of energy to the composition. It’s a bold choice that pays off, giving “Mockingbird” a distinct edge over its predecessors.

Ultimately, “Mockingbird” proves that the winning formula established by “Thank You” still holds weight. Tiësto, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, and Gabry Ponte have found the perfect balance between familiarity and innovation, delivering a track that honors the original while injecting it with fresh energy. It’s a testament to their collective talent and vision, and a promising sign of things to come.

You can listen to “Mockingbird” here:

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