It’s Officially Winter 2023 With Lane 8’s Mixtape Arrival

Obviously if you have been following EDMTunes you know we officially change our seasons with Lane 8’s mixtape releases. If you are a new reader, welcome to our universe! It is officially winter here is North America thanks to the release of Daniel’s melodic tunes.

Daniel rang in Fall with those amazing mixtape shirts marking a decade of these majestic mixtapes. With the year coming to an end and a very successful 2023 for the This Never Happened label we are grateful for this last mixtape of the year. Without further ado let’s dive into it.

Winter 2023 Mixtape

These mixtapes are a source of countless amazing IDs. From just listening to it once we were able to identify 15 unidentified tracks and I know the next few days we will be guessing which of the This Never Happened artists are behind these amazing tracks. The roster of tracks also includes tunes that we are eagerly awaiting release. The mixtape starts of with an unreleased from mixtape regular Rinzen. If you haven’t heard he will be on tour with none other than Sultan + Shepard who are also featured on the compliation today. As we go along a banger beginning we hear a new pre-released track from Maxi Meraki & Samm & AnjaLook Around, It’s Gonna Be Fine‘. Fire track in my opinion, and a great addition to the mixtape artists. At the halfway mark of the mixtape another new unreleased from ‘August‘ by Blanka Barbara featured here. The melodic soundscape also includes unreleased music from Mumbai Science, fresh new face on the mixtapes. The uplifting tracks that lift my mood also include Myrne before we come to a banger close out with two IDs and my personal favourite Otherwish with ‘After All This Time‘.

Other artists featured on this release our Cubicolor, Kasablanca, Estiva, Spencer Brown, Pete K, andhim, Joy Anonymous Adriatique and many more. Obviously a lot of TNH artists like Le Youth, Rinzen, Sultan + Shepard and Paradoks. Rumour has it that you could be listening to a new tune or two from the upcoming album from Sultan + Shepard. Happy guessing and cure your winter blues with this new mixtape out now. Stream it on your favorite platform here.

Stay tuned to EDMTunes for all your music updates! Happy Holidays to every one of you out there.