It’s ok to sample Whitney Houston! The rework strategy strikes again with Mr. Belt & Wezol

• The legendary vocals, loud and clear
• Elegant bassline and percussions
• Not risking too much in the drop, are we

Let me say that “It’s Not Right (But It’s Ok)” sounds possibly like a 2024 hit. Like Mr. Belt & Wezol never did it… Also, sampling Whitney Houston is an easy way to grab attention; but it’s a double-edged sword, counting all those who tried and failed. This newest release on Sony Music picks up the 1998 hit and packs it with a Deep House bassline, giving a modern twist that fits naturally.

The “Somebody to Love” pair are experts on this formula, as they don’t shy away from sampling classics. Their debut “Homeless” sampled “Gypsy Woman”, just to give an idea.

Their strategy focuses on the melodic pattern underneath the iconic vocals— being not too invasive— but more like a wrap. The BPM is brought up to dance music territories, without forcing much of an impact.

The elegant chords from the classic got shed in this 2024 makeover, that’s a pity, and the title got me anticipating something worse. I don’t know what kind of magic Mr. Belt & Wezol are practicing, but “It’s Not Right (But It’s Ok)” is one of the smoothest reworks to strike my ears, and a possible hit (especially with those vocals).

A criticism that came to my mind was that the riff gets predictable: a pinch of pepper could have spiced up the result, such as using the original’s chords, changing instruments, or melody… the so-called “icing on the cake”.

Anyways, kudos to the Dutch duo. Challenge accomplished!

You can listen to “It’s Not Right” here: