IVORY Unveils New EP via Never Say Die

Incredible work on display from Parisian talent IVORY as he returns with his new EP Bleep Bloop via Never Say Die Records.

A bastion of prime electronic music producer talent, France is home to some of the most forward-thinking, generational talent in the game. While IVORY may not be a household name yet, his talent speaks speaks for itself and provides great insight into what his raw potential might grow into. Bleep Bloop is a masterpiece of sound, layered with colossal bass stomps and shredded synths, with each track in BLEEP BLOOP highlighting the unforgiving, hard-hitting style that has put IVORY on the map since his debut in 2011.  From title track “Bleep Bloop” to final installment “Future” with KOMPANY, IVORY does not let up, meshing edginess with the avantgarde and carefully manipulating each element to absolute precision.

“Bleep bloop is a boomer-ish way to say computerised music which is what defines this new EP. I’ve always tried my best to push the boundaries of my productions, especially in sound design. With this EP, I wanted to challenge myself to make something that sounds as modern as possible. With the bass music scene flourishing, I wanted to showcase the sounds that are inspiring me right now. “IVORY