Jack & James – Echo (feat. Heleen)

• Emotionally tinged vocals
• “Shy” attitude, suitable for an enormous and brave drop
• Classic structure, but innovative mindset in the details

Jack & James proving their mettle? Nothing unanticipated! As I have said many times before, they are an upright force in the niche of Future House, all credits due to the aggressive tonality of their drops and the creativity involved with their characteristic sounds. The latest offering from them titled “Echo” (in collaboration with the talented vocalist Heleen), has sparked our intrigue! Let us see what they have to offer this time.

A common theme I have noticed in most of mentioned artist’s song is the laid back background for the breakdown, accompanied by a sublime piano. There are hints of KSHMR’s influence on this song (perhaps I could be mistaken), along with the typical signature sound one can expect from the mentioned duo.

Many producers have an hindering tendency of overusing the very same soundsets on all of their works, with only few exclusive to this and avoiding this, without shunning their trademarks. This can be said with this instrumental, as an elevating hook comes together that explodes sweetly all over the drop. Lush Future House synths coupled with a striking drives this segment to deliver a “Big Room” sensation to groove along.

There is not much left to say why the Spanish pair have made themselves significant enough for more recognition, as they are a dynamic force for the local Dance scene, which is responsible for this renovated and alluring spectrum of Electronic music. It is my strong belief that they have a better chance getting signed to a major label such as Spinnin’ Records now, should they continue to reveal such singles this year.

You can listen to “Echo” here:

Spinnin’ Talent Pool · Jack & James – Echo (feat. Heleen) [OUT NOW]