Jacob Colon’s Return to the Hot Seat – “Desert Storm”

Jacob Colon’s rise to prominence in the House music world has been nothing short of superb over the last 18 months. His heavyweight releases that have broadcasted across the world include Crystal Water’s “I Am House”, his link up with Vann Morfin and Laura Noble in “Love Ahora“, a Marvel-worthy link up of talent on Nervous Records with “Don’t Stop” and the likes of “Off The Boat” and others with one of House music’s elite imprints for the best in the business – “Off The Boat”. Back this month with little in the way of a hiatus between releases, Jacob reveals yet another club-ready anthem that’ll no doubt take place alongside his ever-growing discography of top of the class productions in the shape of “Desert Storm” which comes to you via Made 2 Move Records.

“Desert Storm” is euphoric, deep, and pulse-pounding

Kicking off with that famous Jacob Colon percussive and rhythmic groove, a thudding kick drum marches forward into a crescendo of risers and FX before a break introduces a gritty synth lead. The track amplified the intensity when a haunting and euphoric vocal chant gives pause to the bass energy. Then, that energy slammed back into a main drop that is built up of deep and ample sub bass and drums.

A flurry of atmospherics and subtle melodic elements decorate the outer corners of the stereo field along with a variety of vocal morphs and hits. The break returns again, this time with a calmness in vibe. Afterwards, a crazy percussive and modulated build-up rises again for the main moment of the track on the drop where everything is given full permission to let fly in full flow. It’s a heady mixture of Latin-inspired groove, powerful bass and all of the subtlety and nuance you’d expect from a producer with Jacob’s talent.

Jacob Colon, a producer to keep an eye on for a long time

Jacob Colon is without doubt becoming one of the most reliable and consistent producers in his format with the release production line showing no sign of slowing down any time soon. Stack these releases on top of the “Made 2 Move” radio show which is now reaching tens of thousands of ears every single week through his followers and a huge global syndication schedule that sees the show aired on over 20 radio stations heard across countries in just about every continent on earth. It is clear to see that Jacob is a man rising to the top of the House music world.

“Desert Storm” is now on Made 2 Move Records and will be available on all good digital music stores and online streaming platforms.

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