Jai Paul and A.K. Paul return to their mysterious Paul Institute hub, release two artists' new tracks

Could the return of one of XL Recordings‘ greatest gifts, Jai Paul, be imminent?

Though it seems too early to tell whether the aloof “BTSTU” and “jasmine (demo)” producer will ever make a full-fledged return and release new music, Paul did join forces with brother A.K. Paul for their jointly founded Paul Institute in 2016 — created in an effort to “support and nurture new British music talent.” Now, the two have released two artists’ new music the mysterious musical hub.

The first cut, “Shimmer,” comes from Fabiana Palladino, who wrote and self-produced her track with guitar and synths alongside Jai Paul directly. The other track, “Hypothalamus,” from Ruthven, features A.K. Paul on both the guitar and mixing. Both artists have already released tracks with the brothers before, adding further to the exclusive nature of the artists.

Create a login to the Paul Institute and listen to the tracks here.