Janousek x Mia Lexie – Time For Love (Club Mix)

• Reviewing a peculiar team-up…
• Gospel vocalist Mia Lexie with the veteran Janousek!
• Joyous Eurodance drop

There’s something in this extremely intriguing production that leaves a touch of nostalgia amidst confusion… like something is off, yet a guilty pleasure nevertheless. You see, “Time For Love” (Club Mix, in particular) is a peculiar song that left me both questioning with a tinge of satisfaction, created by the talented mind of Swedish producer Janousek, and featuring the songstress Mia Lexie.

Janousek is a Stockholm (home-grounds to Alesso, SHM, Otto Knows and more) based veteran, who has played for decades and did opening acts for pop bigwigs such as Robbie Williams and Enrique Iglesias. As you might expect, he is often more focused towards the radio-friendly genres, while the other participant in this record, Mia Lexie, hails from the gospel realms (!).

Surely from such an uncanny combination, one can expect anything and everything: in fact, we have a hybrid synthesized between Disco/Eurodance vibes derived straight from the 90s as its main hook, modernized by a bassline akin to Progressive House supporting that intense, swaying gospel voice. As I told you, the recipe may sound already baffling for its unique blend of characteristics, but it does have its charm! The frenetic pattern goes on and on, hypnotizing the listener with its retro nuances.

If I have to leave a criticism among all these praise, the breakdown comes off as rather insignificant: “Time For Love” performs it for a meager fifteen seconds, abruptly leaping back into the drop. The result is dynamic albeit the to-and-fro leaves it slightly unbalanced. I couldn’t click with percussion system too, as it could have inserted more energy and make the record stand out impressively.

Sidelining my cynical take for a second, this creation certainly deserves a listen and my recommendation for it stays unaffected. Let me know if you get as surprised as me after the first listen!