JAUZ releases comprehensive 'The Wise and The Wicked' concept [Stream]

JAUZ has released his highly anticipated 23-track project, The Wise and The Wicked just in time for Labor Day Weekend. The conceptually-driven LP sees the bass producer and DJ flex his muscles creatively, envisioning a dystopian world complete with a full storyline narrative to support his music. Delivered in four “chapters,” the story tells of a world where the wealth gap reaches its limit and two castes of the population emerge, pitting the ultra rich against the ultra poor under the guise of anarchy.

While JAUZ’s signature style at times has a darker edge to it, The Wicked sees him push the ominous side of his explorative stylings further. Featuring impressive collaborations from artists like Example, Kiiara, Krewella, DJ Snake and Ducky, the album follows a story arch with a rise and fall, ending in a climactic resolution. The release of The Wise and The Wicked follows the release of previous singles “Super Fly” and “Acid or Techno.”