Jeremy Olander enchants in 'Karusell' [EP Review] – Dancing Astronaut

Each piece of music Jeremy Olander output exudes the amount of care the Swedish producer places in its creation. Roadtested for extended amounts of time and painstakingly edited to top form, fans of his know that his work is worth the wait.

Olander’s Karusell EP is a testament to this methodology, with both of it tracks transforming into deep, ethereal progressive cuts that fit the producer’s current aesthetic. The EP’s eponymous A-side treads lightly on twinkling synthesizers, subtle chimes, and a bassline that serves as its backbone, evoking a light, joyful feeling among its listeners.

“Andköln” adds weight to Karusell, dressing its breezier with deeper, harder-hitting melodies and a more poignant arrangement. Buzzing notes post-breakdown give way to a gentle finish, making for a well-rounded conclusion to the EP as a whole.

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