Jerro and Panama Collab on “Together”

Jerro and Panama collaborate for the first time on “Together,” a track that fuses their sounds together for an otherworldly atmosphere.

“Together” calls for a focus on Panama’s airy vocals lulling listeners against the backtrack of Jerro’s swelling production. Jerro offers an ethereal production of piano chords to gently unearth a wave of emotions. Moreover, the orchestral backing of strings echoes with a slow tempo, allowing for listeners to soak in the tender aura. While melancholy, the track also provides a breath of fresh air. Between Panama’s decadent voice and Jerro’s distinct brand of deep, melodic house, “Together” carries a stunning power amid its tunes.

I have always been a huge fan of Panama! I’ve closely followed his original music and collaborations through the years so I feel honored to be amongst the incredible artists that he has worked with. The fact that our collaboration got picked up by Future Classic makes it extra special to me also. It is a legendary label, and I am super excited for the opportunity to showcase my music to their fanbase.


Check out Jerro and Panama’s “Together” below or stream the song via your favorite music platform.