Jessica Audiffred – Emergency (ft. Mila Falls)

Heavily inspired by MONXX’s style
Perfect work together among beats and vocal
Sins of having a predictable rhythm

I wanted to review Circus desperately. An incredibly underrated label, there are tons of talents ready to unveil their finest productions and for today, Jessica Audiffred has presented an absolute wrecker. The Mexican act teamed up with vocalist Mila Falls, crafting an impressive tune drawing inspiration from the likes of MONXX, a heavyweight in this scene.

With a lively and rhythmic beat and Mila’s soft touch, “Emergency ” commences with a funky tone that takes it to a pinnacle for the entire first segment. Its build-up (festival-oriented maybe), even if done so properly could perhaps be even vicious with stronger snares, nonetheless the composition’s technical quality remains intact.

It is refreshing to see multiple sources of influences that might have been during creation of this song (as it reminded me of Jauz, Subshock & Evangelos, Tsuki..) due to its synths, however the overused structure that is burned to satiety yet hooking me. Probably it is a combination of catchy melody and the arrangements which act like a guilty pleasure, hence making it repeat-worthy without exceptions.

If I haven’t mentioned it enough earlier, here it is again: Mila’s performance is brilliant. Nevertheless, I was expecting more creative freedom with her vocal performance due to the huge potential she has. Going through the latter drop, the feeling I experienced was somewhat annoying, as the trap segment didn’t fit as well, and the funky Bass House beat comes to the rescue right before it gets any repetitive.

Pros and cons aside, Jessica and Mila crafted a pure Bass House weapon with its swaying schematics, and a grabby hook: all the ingredients in a recipe which resulted in an exquisite cuisine. Ready to see more such quality releases from both Circus and the creators involved!

You can listen to “Emergency” here:

Jessica Audiffred · Emergency feat. Mila Falls