JiLLi’s Vocal Abilities Shine Through in New Voca….

The talented Songwriter and Vocalist JiLLi presents a brand-new vocal pack with ‘Passion Vocals’; set for release on Splice, this fresh collection of top lines, ad-libs, harmonies, chord progressions and FX is sure to impress, elevating productions with the unique and varied sound of JiLLi’s skilful vocals. 

Hailing from Los Angeles, JiLLi has been making her mark across the music scene, weaving her way through numerous genres, to appear as a diverse and multifaceted Artist. With a vocal style that transcends categorisation, seemingly unrestrained to any specific genre, JiLLi offers a vocal sound that is airy and breathy yet bold and powerful: wide-ranging in her abilities, it is no surprise that JiLLi continues to garner attention. With recent performances alongside top industry names, like Muerte at the renowned festival Lost Lands and her performance with Klaxx at the Countdown Festival earlier this year, JiLLi is no doubt gaining a stellar reputation that is sure to keep growing as she continues to collaborate with other gifted Artists. Her January release with Jkyl & Hyde, titled ‘End Is Here’, came as another exciting milestone in her already captivating musical journey and a credit to her impressive talents as a Vocalist and Songwriter. Now, as she brings this latest solo project, JiLLi’s seemingly natural ability to create emotive and meaningful vocal lines shines through once more. 

A carefully constructed pack, the ‘Passion Vocals’ offers a range of vocal arrangements fitting for any project; from sassy to heartbroken, the diverse spectrum of emotion offered within the lyrical content, no doubt makes the set unmissable for any Producer looking to raise their music to the next level. As JiLLi ensures the versatility of her collection, thoughtfully curating vocal lines with intentional BPMs and key variations, whilst adding a unique timbre and tone, the ‘Passion Vocals’ appears as the ideal pack for Producers working across genres; spanning from Electronic Dance Music and Pop to Hip Hop and Acoustic, this new compilation is nothing short of impressive when it comes to its range and diversity. 

So, as she promises to continue bringing high-quality vocals, whether in the form of vocal packs, performances alongside top genre VIPs, or unmissable productions and collaborations, JiLLi is no doubt poised to become a household name within music today. Be sure to keep watching JiLLi by staying up-to-date with her upcoming releases, projects and performances across social media. ‘Passion Vocals’ is out now on Black Octopus and will be available on Splice on the 14th of February. 


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