John Summit Talks To College Students As Part Of “The David Grutman Experience”

John Summit and Serena Williams recently surprised Florida International University (FIU) college students at the “The David Grutman Experience.” I am sure you never would have thought these two would be in a talk together. The two were able to impact 400 students with their stories. John dropped knowledge and details on his success and how he has become one of the most exciting faces in house and techno music worldwide.

During the hour-long conversation, students learned about David Grutman and the esteemed Groot Hospitality, featuring his evolution in the hospitality industry, and more. Grutman’s classes are renowned for their celebrity guest appearances and last night’s was no exception with the greatest women’s tennis player of all time. Serena Williams shared insight into the hardships she has faced as an athlete and her pursuits in the business world, making an impact on the students of Florida International University.

John Summit also shared his success story with the future class of entrepreneurs. The CPA DJ turned his life in a 180-degree direction when he decided to stop his career at a Big 4. John knew he had a passion for music and pursued being a DJ. I think it has worked out for him to say the least.

He has been on fire lately remixing The Temper Trap’s ‘Sweet Disposition.’ John also sold out Madison Square Garden in two hours!