JOYRYDE Embarks On Artistic Fulfillment With Music Video for 'THRILL'

It hasn't been long since JOYRYDE released his long-awaited album ‘BRAVE.' Circulating for about 2 years, the UK-based producer suffered various delays attempting to deliver both the vision and music at its best potential. Now that it's seen the light of day, the 18-track project has left the dance music community stunned racking in millions of streams and dominating dance charts along the way.

Now focused on expanding the story behind the project, JOYRYDE has revealed to the world the first visual component to coincide with the album. The music video for Thrill' depicts two lovers bent on going through hell and back for each other, enduring a long chase from cops and federal agents. The track's sinister and eerie atmosphere ties incredibly well with JOYRYDE's brand as viewers are treated to an exhilarating short film.

In the video you'll find a tribute to late-actor Rob Lyfe who unfortunately passed away some time after the shoot.

In regards to the passing, JOYRYDE left this message to his fans: