Kaytranada and Shad release music video for 'The Fool Pt. 3 (Frame of Mind).'

Kaytranada is legendary in certain circles for his deft ability to bridge the gap between hip-hop and subtle electronic production, and this summer he has kept busy thanks to a consistent stream of releases. The Canadian producer has dropped off multiple collaborations in 2018, including “The Fool Pt. 3 (Frame of Mind)” as a contribution to fellow Canadian rhymer Shad’s upcoming album. The pairing have now released the music video for the collaboration, offering a two-frame perspective that’ll draw you in for multiple watches (and listens).

The video pans in on Shad’s rapping, framing his image with a black and white blurred split screen, showing the same moment through a contrasting lens. The video is an equally intriguing visual complement to Kaytranada’s somber R&B melody and Shad’s smooth, vocoded delivery. Coming through with another aced delivery, Kaytranada and Shad polish their slow burner collaboration with a well done video concept to match “The Fool Pt. 3 (Frame of Mind).”