Kayzo Begins A GOFUNDME For the Passing of a Loyal Fan's Sister

Kayzo continues to awe us with not only his headbanging music but his loyalty to all his Doghouse fans.

Kayzo fan Zach revealed on Twitter that his sister, Jamie, had recently passed away. To give his sister a proper burial, Zach made the ultimate decision to put his signed Kayzo t-shirt for sale.

Kayzo came upon the tweet and willingly decided to help. Kayzo contacted the fan, telling him to keep the t-shirt, that he will contact him to find another way to help with the burial.

To help with the burial, Kayzo and Zach have come up with a GOFUNDME page to raise money for Zach's sister. As now, the page has a total $4,480 out $7,500 that is meant to be raised.

Kayzo has shown that the EDM community is a unifying society that cares for not only DJ-producers but for fans as well. He has shown a truly unique quality that not many DJs today can say they have. He has also revealed that he cares about the lives and hardships his fans just as they do for him.

If you would like to donate, you can donate here.

Rest In Peace, Jamie.