KC Gilmore delivers magnetic rework of ‘Teach Me How to Touch Me’ [Stream]

KC Gilmore‘s 2019 single, “Like That” had dual utility: it concluded Gilmore’s production hiatus and, with its potent house technics, foreshadowed the smooth underground course that he would follow in his subsequent releases. If “Like That” was Gilmore’s pledge that his catalog would only continue to expand with high caliber house productions in 2020, then the KC Gilmore remix of Soane’s “Teach Me How To Touch Me” is proof that what Gilmore promises, Gilmore delivers.

In its untouched form, “Teach Me How to Touch Me” is the antithesis to body work. Not so in Gilmore’s inventive retooling, which transforms Soane’s original into a magnetic deep house showing with irrefutable dance appeal. A number of tasteful revisions, such as Gilmore’s division and implementation of a driving arrangement, render this conversion possible. Under Gilmore’s direction, “Teach Me How to Touch Me” flourishes into a lively house record primed for club play, as Gilmore once more–and unsurprisingly–asserts his sonic prowess.