Keeping Tech House creative! ARIA and BYOR collaborate again in “Keep It Real”

• Audacious take on Tech House
• Loopy vocal track
• Energized lead with an old-school touch

Here we are with another partnership between ARIA and BYOR, their second one after “Tonight” in 2023!

Keeping an eager eye on the Australian talent ARIA and Tech House heavyweight BYOR since then, it’s more than clear that there’s a special synergy between the two— even more evident with the follow-up. “Keep It Real” has come out courtesy of Spinnin’ Records, capturing an interesting take on BYOR’s signature Tech House.

ARIA’s vocals supplement a bold makeover on this record right from the start; there is something more than your average Tech-y sample going on here. The modulations, the way the climax comes up, intersecting with the percussions and FX… “Keep It Real” has an authentic buildup, and does 80% of the work.

The drop is a real delicatessen from BYOR: Wobbling bassline, subtle yet bouncy kick and a melody that prefers to drill the ears and still manages to dance around the vocals. This is the ‘WOW’ factor right here!

It would be apt to say that “Keep It Real” serves all the ingredients for a successful underground release, the solid vocal presence being the cherry on top of the well-engineered structure. Tech House isn’t my top preference, as I always find the majority of these tracks too minimal. Visionaries such as BYOR however are capable of changing even rigid opinions like mine.

You can listen to “Keep It Real” here: