Kev Koko – “Roof”

Rising German techno maestro unleashes new hyperpop-tinged slice of indietronica

Undeniably one of Berlin’s fastest rising talents and a stalwart of the techno scene in Germany, producer Kev Koko has just shared some of his most exciting work to date in the form of “Roof.” Layered with rich, analogue synth elements and a pulsating, techno inspired drum pattern – the new single is a unique release that nods to multiple different genres and speaks to the talented artist’s knack for experimentation.

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Teaming up with legendary Berlin-based mixer Markus Ganter, Kev Koko employs a thick, sawtooth wave bassline to provide the foundation for a Crystal Castles-esque slice of multi-genre electronica. The synth melody gives the track a special edge before Kev’s vocal chimes in. Speaking on the new single, he states:

“‘Roof’ is a techno beat, but it has the attitude of a rock song. ‘Roof’ is about a bad habit that you want to let go of – and the peer pressure that surrounds it…If you move on in your life, the people around you have to move on too. Otherwise, you have to move on without them. Techno is beautiful, and I love it, but I think club music could be more eclectic these days.”

Give it a spin below: