Kill Paris delivers groovy 'Two Minds' using biodata from plants

Master of clean production, funky melodies, and the keytar, Kill Paris, is back at it again. His new chill tune incorporates heavier elements to create the groovy feel of “Two Minds,” featuring Tim Moyo.

The Monstercat release flaunts a bouncy bassline sprinkled with crispy snaps that form the perfect layer behind Moyo’s gentle yet impactful voice, which carries the song effortlessly into the gritty drop full of saw bass. Kill Paris also takes his creativity to the next level in this one by pairing up with the biodata transmitter MIDI Sprout, which uses transmitted electrical impulses of plants and turns it into MIDI to provide music notes.

Kill Paris is currently working on his sophomore album, and with the out-of-the-ordinary thinking he’s been showcasing, it’s sure to be a treat.