Kitt Wakeley Has a New Collection in Town Symphony of Sinners and Saints

Not like any other instrument-only album you have ever heard before. Kitt Wakeley knows how to stand and deliver a dramatic collection for everyone to enjoy.

Producer and composer Kitt Wakeley revealed his newest album, Symphony Of Sinners And Saint. Recorded at Abbey Road studios, the project perfectly displays orchestral rock feels. Kitt has brought on famed names such as guitarists Joe Satriani and Andy Timmons, as well as several other important players.

The album was created as a result of the cancellation of Wakley’s planned live shows due to the pandemic in 2020. The sudden dose of excess time set the artist in a frenzy mode of creation and brought forth an album that will soon be considered a massive hit.

The album’s title represents the two conflicting worlds that are visibly present in the music industry. The collection of 10 tracks conveys classical players and hard rock/metal guitarists. Wakeley teased his fans with two singles featuring guitar virtuoso Joe Satriani titled “Forgive Me” and “Conflicted,” before dropping the entire album. Satriani perfectly combines his electric plays with Wakeley's arrangements.