Klasey Jones & The Wildcatz Showcase Their Creative Artistry with “Operation Midnight (Part 2)” EP

DJ, producer and sound designer Klasey Jones has always found inspiration through his love of video games and soundtrack music. Creating deeply ethereal and emotion provoking music, Klasey Jones' music quickly won fans over with his singles and two full length album. Now, Klasey Jones has teamed up with DJ/Producer duo The Wildcatz –  two former members of True Tiger for their 5 track EP, “Operation Midnight (Part 2).” 

The Wildcatz known for their work with P Money, Big Narstie, and Riz MC along with their world premieres on internationally recognized outlets like BBC Radio 1 and 1 Xtra, bring their own flavor of bass music to the forefront in this EP. The 5 track EP includes collaboration between the artists as well as tracks that showcase the individual acts on their own. The EP allows for the artists to shine on their own and showcases their creative chemistry when paired together. Tracks Breaking Point,” Diego’s Theme,” and Hands Of Time,” are collaborations while “Trojan Horse,” feat. Sooski is all Klasey Jones and Elysian Fields,” showcases The Wildcatz. 

Take a listen down below to hear this incredible EP:



Track List:

Klasey Jones & The Wildcatz – Breaking Point

Klasey Jones – Trojan Horse feat. Sooski

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Klasey Jones & The Wildcatz – Diego's Theme

Klasey Jones & The Wildcatz – Hands Of Time

The Wildcatz – Elysian Fields