Kryder teams up with Colombian star Cato Anaya on ‘La Cumbiambera’

Kryder has wasted no time in setting the benchmark in quality for his own Kryteria label, having launched alongside Steve Angello with ‘Romani’. Kryder turns his attention forward for the next release and once again sets the bar high for the second Kryteria cut, this time working alongside one the hottest properties in electronic music within Colombia and was the first Colombian signed to Sony Music before Kryteria, Cato Anaya, for ‘La Cumbiambera’.

Once again Kryder cements his place as a go-to source high-quality festival ready house music, with his infectious rhythms and tribal beats bringing a carnival atmosphere to proceedings. A gliding flute forms the hook the track, weaving around the beat throughout and providing a standout melody that will have fans going back for more. Expertly programmed vocal stabs compliment the chanting topline in the main breakdown, which breaks the track up and gives fans a moment before resuming with the groove on the drop, as Cato Anaya adds his intricate textures which, elevate the track.

Listen to ‘La Cumbiambera' below!