KSHMR and 7 Skies Release A New High Energy Single – 'Neverland'

If you frequent this site enough you know that I have a deep seeded respect for KSHMR as a producer. He has an ability to create festival main stage bangers in a way that breaths new life into a genre that struggles with originality.

In his collaboration with 7 Skies, ‘Neverland', KSHMR goes out of his way to create a truly unforgettable track. The high BPM, pounding kick and bass and, the unbelievably clean production value make this tune an instant hit.

The track is full of KSHMR's signature elements such as hints of Indian melodies and skewed vocal chops which are transformed into a supporting harmony. KSHMR never fails to impress me, and ‘Neverland' is the perfect addition to his already unreal resume. Check it out below.