KSHMR gets into Psy-Trance… With a twist! A great hybrid between Psy and Future rave from Dharma creator

• Psy elements with a wobbling melody
• Hypnotic but not outstanding vocal
• Hard-driving melodic pattern

Let’s admit this: The ‘dark’ Psy experimental endeavor by KSHMR is that gust of fresh air that the scene needed, containing powerful energy with driving basses and top-notch vocals from gritney. “All Night” is set to make us groove… all night long!

This Dharma heater packs together an incendiary mix of Hard Techno with murky leads, Psy basses, and a Future Rave drop imprint— leaving an excellent impression for a first-time experience. It sounds fresh. New. And that’s rare coming from one of the biggest DJs around, especially knowing that he has been busy with several other projects; the launch of a new radio show for his label, for instance.

The alter ego of Sarah de Warren, gritney puts up a special performance, especially in a situation where it would be difficult to achieve such a thing in this kind of EDM composition. Her voice is hypnotic— reminiscent of Shibui— and specializes in a kind of loopy vibe. Still, I felt it didn’t click around the central breakdown, where maybe a calmer or more ‘traditional’ touch would have worked better.

Anyway, “All Night” goes on and on, proud of its hardy bassline and roaring leads, presenting a smashing finale that displays the excellent pitch KSHMR brought to a perfect technical level. It’s sure to wreck clubs and further supplement KSHMR’s already potent tracklist, and I must add, this is one of the freshest takes I’ve recently heard.

You can listen to “All Night” here:

[embedded content]