KSHMR – Heartbeat

KSHMR - Heartbeat

68%Overall Score

• MEDUZA influences in the breakdown
• More Progressive-ness in the drop
• A dive into EDM before the new album

KSHMR has announced his re-alliance with Hip-hop genre for a future album, so seeing him release a Dance single was a pleasant surprise. Let me feel those classic Progressive House sounds!

“Heartbeat” is a calm and serene tune, packed with an appeasing vocal and several familiar pieces from the Dharma founder. In particular, I liked the idea of slowly building up the tension and then releasing with a darker drop than usual. Featuring a frenetic bassline and a Brazilian Bass inspired to lead, it doesn’t forget the classic KSHMR chords. The overall effect is engaging, and I felt surprised at first by the sudden switch compared to the transition.

The vocal, as said, has ample potential in this composition and is accompanied by a few, simple notes during the break. I felt a MEDUZA influence in this section, which kinda goes against his unique methods, but then saved later by livelier sections.

“Heartbeat” is a nice gift to the fans, who are waiting for the following album. While his mind and creativity are certainly focused elsewhere, this Progressive House with emotional tones didn’t disappoint and managed to bring home just the expected outcome. Let’s enjoy that as the American creative reveals his next big project.

You can listen to “Heartbeat” here: